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This Road is a Detour (A Victoria Ward Crime) Paperback – March 15, 2024

by L a Ward (Author)

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This Road is a Detour continues the story of Victoria and her quest to find her birth mother. She learns about love and must deal with her trust issues in this book. This is a fictional story; each character is fictional and does not represent any real person. The story addresses a real problem of adult bullying and how adults turn on each other to have power in the world where they live. Once again Victoria must visit Hillbilly Hell and deal with the family that raised her. This road will get Victoria closer to her goal of finding her birth mother and what happened that day so many years ago when Jack and Lucy came into Victoria's life. Adult bullying is real, and it usually happens to the vulnerable members of our society as they will not fight back. In this book you will see that the gang takes on many forms and will try to control the narrative in many ways. All situations are fictional and not representative of any real situation. Victoria once again uses her strong spirit and wit to create humorous solutions to the problems she faces. Victoria continues to find solutions for adult bullying.

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